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grief counseling dallas

learn to live again

Are you grieving
and struggling with...

  • An Emotional Rollercoaster?

  • Acceptance of Loss?

  • Anger?

  • Exhaustion?

  • Coping with Change?

  • Regret and Guilt?

  • Loneliness and Isolation?

  • Navigating Holidays and Anniversaries?

  • Support and Communication?

Grief counseling can help

grief counseling

what is grief counseling?

Grief occurs when someone is mourning a loss. Sometimes that loss is a person, a marriage, a healthy body, or our life as we knew it after an earth-shattering event. Loss can make you question your faith, identity, and even your reality. Grief counseling helps you navigate through the mourning process. Having a warm, empathetic, and non-judgmental person with whom to discuss these questions and learn how to manage difficult emotions is helpful so that you can adjust to the new reality and embark on the rest of your life.

what is EMDR?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of therapy that allows people to heal after difficult life experiences, including loss, often at an accelerated rate. The brain stores these difficult experiences in memory networks. Anytime something happens that reminds the brain of the experience, the memory network starts firing, and all of the thoughts, emotions, and body sensations come flooding back. The goal of EMDR is to stop this from happening. 
EMDR counseling near me

about US

Grief Counselor Near Me
Leslie West, LPC,
EMDR Certified,
Certified Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist
Licensed Professional Counselor

Two major losses threw me into the grips of grief. Through therapy and a lot of hard work, I was able to come to terms with the losses and find meaning in the grief. Now, I am honored to be a part of other people's journey through grief and toward healing. Together we will work on building coping skills, answering difficult questions, and processing the pain of the loss so that you can learn to live again.

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**Please note I do not accept insurance.
Click here for my rates.**
James West, LPC,
EMDR Trained
Licensed Professional Counselor

Grief challenges our sense of who we are. Losing someone important to you can force you to redefine who you are without them. Coping with grief is coping with powerlessness. While there is no easy way to do this, there are tools that I can teach you. You don’t have to do it alone. Schedule a consultation with me today.

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**Please note I do not accept insurance.
Click here for my rates.**
Animal Assisted Therapy
Maximus (Max)
Office Greeter & Therapy Dog in Training

I am a miniature poodle puppy, and I am learning to be a therapy dog. I am a graduate of Puppy Preschool and Manners 1, and I'll be attending Manners 2 soon. I do my best to provide comfort, support, and smiles with my friendly and gentle disposition. When I am not in session, I love romping through tall grass and chasing leaves! Please let my mom know if you prefer for me not to join sessions.

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What is grief
if not love persevering?


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