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James West, LPC,
emdr Trained
Licensed Professional Counselor

I lost my mother in 2019. Nothing could have prepared me for the general deadening to the world that I experienced for the following three years. What made it extra confusing was that I was going through so many changes in my life – I was a newlywed, I was building a new career, and the stresses of daily life never stopped. I already had good reasons to feel out of sorts, so it hardly occurred to me that the reason I was feeling so off all the time was that I had lost an essential part of myself when she died.

I had to rediscover who I am without her. Grief describes how we cope with powerlessness in the face of change or loss. It often has many faces, making it difficult to identify, and even more confusing to grasp. While there is no “hacking grief,” there are many tools available for coping effectively with grief.


Understanding what you’re experiencing can be comforting and encouraging: You’re normal, and you’re not crazy! I can’t say I’ve entirely come out the other side, but I can say that I feel like myself again. And I would feel honored to help you with your own journey through grief.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas #79624, and have been practicing for over 7 years. I have an MS in Counseling from UNT. I am a grief counselor trained in EMDR.  I also specialize in individual and couples counseling for adults, sex therapy, LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy, and trauma recovery. Take a look at my rates, or schedule a consultation

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